Software for Stallions

Order now - $1200 annually

A powerful tool for stallion promotion, mating decisions, mare selection, and service to clients. Price $1200 per stallion annually.

Featuring Werk Nick Ratings®

Until now, Werk Nick Ratings® were only available from Werk Thoroughbred Consultants.  Now, stallion managers can access those same ratings using the power of their own computers.

A valuable tool for stallion managers

"Software for Stallions™" is designed to run as a module of the CompuSire pedigree program, which is provided as part of the package.  It comes equipped with a database for the subject stallion, containing his Werk Nick Ratings® with more than 13,000 broodmare sire lines.  Price includes three annual database updates.

Look up a nick

Quick reference to the Werk Nick Rating® of any broodmare sire line with any enrolled stallion is enabled by opening a browse window in which broodmare sires are listed alphabetically, along with the Werk Nick Rating® of each with the selected stallion.

Print a 5-generation pedigree with Werk Nick Rating®

The software also enables a custom pedigree printout, with a format similar to the Pedigree Profile, including the option of printing the Werk Nick Rating® for any prospective mating with an enrolled stallion.  Just enter the pedigree of the mare, select the stallion, and print a five-generation pedigree with Werk Nick Rating® prominently displayed.

Compare the nicks

Suppose you have more than one stallion and want to know which one nicks best with a given mare.  Just enter the pedigree of the mare and select the batch printing feature.  The program will automatically print five-generation prospective matings of the mare with all of the enrolled stallions, including the Werk Nick Rating® for each.  This helps you to compare prospective matings of a mare with different stallions and report your recommendations to clients.  You can also display the nicks on-screen.